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  1. $30
    This application will automatically detect user location and update the currency based on user IP address. 
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  2. $30
    This is a basic auction system for Invision Community.
    Applications Features:
    Create multiple sections with different user permissions (Can view, can add, can bid...). Auction title, item description, item image, start amount, reserve amount. Notification when a user is overbidden. Home page widget, The admin can add multiple widgets. The application is planned to be expanded to include more and more features, feel free to post your requests/suggestions in the support section.
    The first 3 buyers for the application will get a discount of 40% - then the price will be $50.
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  3. $25
    App features:
    Select user groups allowed to set their own tip jar URL. Select user groups allowed to tip other users. Set tip button text. Set specific payment service URLs. View list of all URLs set by users. Track all URL clicks on a single page. Support for forum topics, blog entries, profile pages, hovercard, messenger messages and files in the download center. This is the initial version, and I'm open to any ideas and suggestions.
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  4. $50
    Arabic translation for invision community (All apps) - Front-end only.
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  5. $25
    Simple hook to allow admins to assign background & border colours for each user group...
    Please note that:
    This hook overwrites the built-in function of post highlight. Versions below 1.2.0 support 4.1, above 1.2.0 support 4.2+
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  6. Free
    This simple plugin will allow the administrator to set the default quick search area manually, overriding the default method. By default, the current application and current partition are selected.
    Please note: this plugin will remove the "this topic, this forum" options from the list.
  7. Free
    This plugin will hide members of selected groups from the profile visitors block in the profile page.
  8. Free
    This is a very simple plugin to remove empty <p> tags in forums posts, it'll convert posts look to compact view.
  9. Free
    This plugin will allow admins to test bulk mail (by sending to a single email address) before mass sending.
  10. $20
    This plugin will allow you to automatically generate keywords meta tag based on topic title, first post or based on them both.
    This is a demo video for the plugin in action:
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  11. $25
    This application will allow your community users to send/receive nexus app account credits between each other.
    This application requires IP.Commerce app to be installed.
    Application scenario:
    User A send credit of $5 to user B. User B is notified by this movement, and asked to confirm. Once User B confirm (Unfreez), the amount is deducted from User A and added to user B. Admin has the authority to refund or cancel the transaction.
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  12. $20
    This application will automatically update package prices based on today's currency rate, in case you accept more than one payment currency.
    It's helpful to keep the prices of your products up-to-date according to each currency rate, especially when you have many products.
    Please note:
    This application requires IP.Commerce app installed. The update task runs daily, so the prices are updated once a day. The update task will not affect current purchases in case you set up renewal terms. The application uses the currencyapi service  to retrieve currency rates.  CurrencyAPI service offers a free API key that can serve 300 requests/month. From the app settings you must set a valid API key and Base currency that will be used to retrieve other currencies' amounts. IMPORTANT: If you set discounts for multiple currencies, you must ensure that the values are filled. The app will not update discounts. 
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  13. $15
    With this plugin signatures will be displayed under the first post for each user in each topic... This is useful for those whom suffer from very long signatures or signatures that could contain videos, music players etc...
    - One setting to exclude forums from this restriction.
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  14. $25
    This plugin makes use of the Parser class to make a preview for the posted external URL inside the editor.
    When an external link is pasted into the editor, it is automatically expanded into a preview of the content, usually with an accompanying image, allowing users to click through to that content if they are interested.
    Plugin features:
    Supports a variety of external URL contents (Media, news, communities... etc.) Option for Simple/Rich embeds. Control what content to display (Title, URL, Host, Favicon, Description, Image) Option to exclude URLs from being retrieved. Control which user groups that can use it. Display options:
    Show/Hide wrapper. Width of wrapper. Image height. Title truncation. Description truncation. IMPORTANT NOTE BY DEVELOPER: This plugin doesn't support Amazon products embed
    Simple Mode Demo:
    Rich Mode Demo:
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  15. $20
    A simple plugin that allows admins to set the page that selected users groups will be redirected to once they Login or logout.
    There's also another option that allows admins to set a pop-up modal message once users Login or logout.
    The application comes with the following features:
    Customize user redirects per user group. URL field for user redirection. Option to allow redirection to the logging user profile. Option to enable/disable popup message. Message header title. Full CKE to enter the message that user will get. Pop-up modal message size. Pop-message button text. Pop-message button URL. Setting to allow redirection based on secondary group instead of primary group.
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  16. $15
    This plugin will display topics with no replies in a sidebar widget with the following settings:
    Number of topics Groups Permissions Forums to pull topics from Topics ordering (Desc, Asc, Random). The ability to exclude topics created before certain day. Retention period for topics inside the widget.
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  17. $10
    This plugin will display a horizontal badge under member name in topic view indicating topic starter...
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  18. $15
    Sliding Upcoming Events Widget is a simple nice sidebar widget that shows a list of upcoming events in a sliding effect...
    The plugin includes the following widget settings:
    Calendar to pull events from Automatically hide block Number of days to show Number of events to show And plugin settings:
    Sliding Mode (Vertical/Horizontal/Fade) Transition Speed Required Ticker Mode Pager Pager Type (Full/Short) Slide Controls Auto Start Mode Hover Stop Reviews, Comments & Suggestions all are truly required.
    Hope you enjoy it 🙂
    2 1
  19. $15
    The plugin will add a sliding featured products widget inside any page you want.
    Nexus application is required for this plugin to work.
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  20. $25
    This plugin will show similar topics to the currently viewed topic in a widget.
    The plugin has the following features:
    Group Permissions. Select forums to display in. Widget title. Select how to match between topics (Based on first post or topic title). Cut-off length for the matching topic (search for how many characters in topic title/first post). Option for cut-off [Cut-off by character or word]. How many similar topics to display. Display/hide similar topic 1st post. Option added to exclude words from the matching process. Row display options (Normal view / Similar Tags Plugin view). Option to determine the minimum word length to match. Option to exclude forums from matching their topics. Option to add advertisement before last topic row and decide which groups to see ads.
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  21. $10
    This little plugin will allow your community users to select theme from top user bar, instead of the bottom selection menu.
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  22. $10
    This is a simple plugin that will restrict certain user groups from viewing other user groups profiles, this include profile page and hover card.
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  23. $20
    With this hook, you can control who can PM staff members & who can't.
    You can select specific groups that can communicate (Start & Receive PMs) only with specific groups...
    Hook Example: Members can only Send Messages to Admins, members can't communicate with each other.
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  24. $15
    Gives you the power to specify how many points should user have to be able to react to other member's content.
    If user doesn't have the minimum number of reputation points you already specified... The reactions will not appear.
    The plugin covers all main IPS apps content items:
    Forum posts Blog entries and their comments. Gallery images and their comments. Downloads files and their comments. Records and their comments. Calendar events and their comments. Status updates and their replies.
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  25. $20
    This plugin will allow moderators/Admin to see report message under post content for reported posts.
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